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Ryan Hogarth

Change, Communcation, Decoding Digital


Over the last 6 years Ryan has been researching, writing and talking about the ever shifting nature of business relationships and business models which are constantly impacted by social media, technology, mobile and the Internet. He has worked for both large and large and small corporates helping them to understand the new world of business lead by customer and employee technology. He is also the author of the Amazon bestseller “How to Win Influence and Friend People: The New Business Manifesto for Generation X” and recently launched his own radio and podcast segment titled “Spheres of Influence”.

He regularly writes for business and consumer magazines on this same topic and how change has come to specific industries.

His clients include: Telkom, BMC, IBM, GIBS, General Motors, First National Bank, Imperial, ABSA, Magna-Carta, TBWA, Ernst & Young, ITWeb, The DA, African Bank and others.

Ryan’s Keynote presentations include:

Decoding Digital: Bridging People & Technology: The modern business model is “digital” but this means different things to different people. Ryan unpacks the key features of businesses around the world who have successfully made the move to digital.

How to Win Influence and Friend People: The Social Business Manifesto for Generation X. In this presentation Ryan presents the new business manifesto that businesses must adopt if they are to find success and opportunity in the Millenial Generation.

The Challenge of Change: 20:20 Vision: Unpacking the 5 forces of change: Computing, Communication, Connectivity, Collaboration & Convergence and the new business thinking required for success leading to 2020.

The Road Ahead: Navigating change in modern business can be overwhelming. It’s just how much change it’s the rate that we are expected to change. What are the solid, practical and effective principles we must adopt in the road ahead?

Ryan’s skills in presenting makes for an impactful, memorable and engaging presentation. He presents his lively and dynamic keynotes in an informative, inspiring and entertaining manner. Ryan presents with great authority and purpose.


Decoding Digital: Bridging People & Technology

How to Win Influence and Friend People: The Social Business Manifesto for Generation X

The Challenge of Change: 20:20 Vision

The Road Ahead


“Ryan is a fast thinker and knows how to capture an audience, he definitely has the gift of oratory!”

Natalie Vergie, SA Association for the Conference Industry

"You transformed our event from average to absolutely exceptional with  your excellent communication skills."

Austrian Business Chamber

"I loved the presentation Ryan did for us – it was engaging, entertaining and really relevant. I’d recommend him to friends and colleagues as he was interesting, professional and up to date. A great session!"

Standard Bank of South Africa

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