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Roger Harrop

The CEO Expert


Roger Harrop has spent over 25 years leading international businesses, including a plc, which puts him in a unique position to deal with present-day business challenges.

Based in Oxford in the UK, he’s an international business growth speaker who inspires and entertains audiences with his acclaimed Staying in the Helicopter® programmes. Over 20,000 CEOs, business leaders and others in 38 countries have achieved transformational change through his thought-provoking, entertaining talks laced with real-life stories and humour.

Roger is also an author, business advisor, mentor, consultant and independent director.


  • Business Growth
  • Leadership


"Thank you very much for your astonishing presentation"

Carlos M. Martins, Credit Suisse Private Bank

"Roger, we have seen a sustained increase in revenues and profits as a direct result of me hearing you speak. Thank you."

Martin Mulligan, Martin Mulligan Group Limited

"Roger was inspiring to work with and played a pivotal role in making our top 400 managers conference a great success"

Sally Robins, Director of Communications, Steria SA, Paris

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