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That Mind Reader Guy


The Energiser, The Brand Integrator, The Entertainer

Using an incredible combination of mental skills, memory, influence and psychology all wrapped in his reputation-making wit, Kennedy's presentations are used by clients when they want to guarantee they will be remembered and their brand will be talked about.

Unlike the traditional 'speaker', Kennedy doesn't bring his own message to events but instead works closely with every one of his clients to carefully craft impactful performances which integrate key messages, brand values, product benefits and conference topics in jaw-dropping ways that have to be seen to be believed.

He reads people and their minds, he predicts their thoughts and their choices, he memorises phenomenal amounts of information - and has the uncanny knack for making often ordinary things seem extra ordinary.

If you want someone to raise the energy after lunch, a special MC to introduce your speakers in innovative ways, or an entertainer for after dinner - contact us to talk about Kennedy's availability.



  • Team (and inter-team) co-operation
  • Innovative thought and leadership
  • Creating a customer focus



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"Perfect after dinner entertainment"


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